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Joining A Telehealth Session

by Apr 10, 2020

Client: How to Join Telehealth Session

In order for you to join a Telehealth session, a unique URL must be provided to you by your Therapist. If you do not have a link, you must reach out to them to retrieve the link.

You do NOT have to download anything to securely join the Telehealth sessions. You will be able to join from your phone, tablet, and computer. The Telehealth session windows are fully responsive and will adapt to the screen size of your device.

Do you recommend specific internet browsers?

If you’re using a Desktop or Laptop, we recommend:

We recommend the below if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone:

  • Android – Google Chrome
  • iOS (iPhone or iPad) – Safari

Via Client Portal
If you click on the appointments section in your Client Portal, you should see the option to start the session next to the appointment.

Please know the appointment will show in your Therapist’s time zone if different from yours.

How to join if link sent via Secure Message in your Client Portal 

  1. Login to your client portal account
  2. Click on your inbox in the header
  3. Find a secure message with a link to the session you need to join
  4. Click on link
  1. You will be taken to the virtual waiting room where your browser may ask permission to use your camera and microphone. You must say yes.
  2. Enter in the preferred name
  3. Then test your connectivity.