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The World of Adult ADHD

by Jul 16, 2021

Having ADHD as an adult is a rather chaotic experience for those who are challenged with it. They often
have a rich inner world yet have difficulty gathering the motivation to express this world to others. This
difficulty with motivation also affects their ability to tackle both mundane and important tasks. People
with adult ADHD often are forgetful, have difficulties with organization, have an inability to regulate
their attention and concentration, struggle with time management, find prioritizing and scheduling tasks
However, the struggles of the adult with ADHD go even deeper. Often, they experience much anxiety
and guilt surrounding their symptoms. Adults with ADHD dread and feel overwhelmed by sometimes
seemingly small tasks. Rather than this motivating them to tackle these tasks, they tend to shut down.
This shutting down and avoiding tasks, causes much guilt and shame.
Adults with ADHD can improve their functioning in a variety of ways. These include medication, creating
external structure, use of organizational tools, use of time management tools such as alarms, and
meeting with a counselor.
If you are a bundle of ideas and half met goals or identify with any of the other previously mentioned
symptoms of Adult ADHD, one of the counselors at Cue Counseling can help you gain clarity,
organization, and calm in your life.