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LCSW SupervisIon

At Cue Counseling Center, we love pouring into our community. One way we do this is by providing supervision for future Licensed Clinical Social Workers. Cue Counseling and our associates are proud to offer such an invaluable service to our local colleges and work to produce competent counselors for our community.

Gracia Haygood, LCSW and Gina Claxton, LCSW provides supervision services to master’s level interns who are pursuing licensure as Clinical Social Worker. Supervision services are $65 per session. Supervisory services can be provided in three convenient formats, in-person, Groups ($35 per session when available), and hybrid. The hybrid format consists of 50% of services provided via video chat and 50% in person.

LCSW Supervised Practice Requirement

Interns must work under a qualified supervisor for a minimum of two (2) years (100 weeks) of post-master’s supervised experience under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker. These hours must be documented on the Verification of Clinical Experience Form or they will not count towards licensure. The supervision experience must have consisted of:

At least 100 hours of supervision in no less than 100 weeks

1,500 hours of face-to-face psychotherapy with clients; and

1 hour of supervision every two weeks

NOTE: Please see Rule 64B4-2.002, F.A.C. for information regarding group supervision and supervision by electronic methods.