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by Aug 1, 2022

As someone who works with neurodivergent people, who have neurodivergent loved ones, and who lives as a neurodivergent person, I want to talk to you about what neurodivergence is and what resources are available to assist you or your loved one with some of the challenges that come with being neurodivergent.

First, let’s define the word “Neurodivergent.” Neurodivergent refers to individuals, including but not limited to Autistic and ADHD people, who have a difference in the way their brain is wired from what is considered “neurotypical” or “standard.” The differences in neurodivergent brains create both strengths and challenges in the individuals in whom these brains reside. Some common challenges include social difficulties, organizational and planning issues, rigid and/or literal thinking patterns, secondary anxiety and depression, difficulties with eye contact, and difficulties processing various things, including language, emotions, and sensory input. Some common strengths include specialized interest/knowledge in specific areas of expertise, creativity, and intelligence. It’s important to note everyone, even those who are neurodivergent, are individuals, and everyone’s strengths and challenges will vary.

Next, let’s discuss some resources for neurodivergent individuals and their families that I offer as a neurodivergent therapist at Cue Counseling. Psychotherapy/counseling can help the individual deal with the challenges of being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world. I provide counseling services to a variety of people, including children and adults who identify as neurodivergent. Upon request, I give family psychoeducational and support sessions to help family members better understand and best support their neurodivergent family member. Additionally, support groups can be beneficial for neurodivergent individuals to know they are not alone in this world and provide neurodivergent people the opportunity to socialize with one another. Starting late August/early In September, I will be leading a group specifically for Autistic Young Adults that will allow them the opportunity to talk about relevant topics and have fun socializing over games in order to connect with others who are similarly neurodivergent.

Lastly, if you are now curious about neurodivergence and suspect that you or someone you love may be neurodivergent, please seek out professional services to best support you or your neurodivergent loved one on their journey through life. If you would like, you are welcome to gain additional information about resources available by calling 863-937-3943 or emailing me at katie@cue-counseling.com.